Update on DDA Lawsuit-

May 22, 2024

Last week we filed our reply brief to the city and developers’ response to our Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) lawsuit. Because gifting public land is unconstitutional, the law required a special analysis by the city, but that analysis was never shared with the public or City Council before their approval vote. This is especially concerning as the analysis included a delusional $3.4 million appraisal of the site, among other questionable assumptions.

In today’s edition of “What you can learn from a loan committee report?” we’re sharing this little tidbit:

The project’s architect is Eric Owen Moss, someone the community found impossible to engage with during the limited “outreach” process, an architect who was very busy designing, among other extravagant projects, a Michelin Star restaurant in Culver City:


While the developers have boasted of their extensive “community outreach” on this project, take a look at Mr. Moss’ philosophy in convincing the community to accept his creations in the name of “homeless housing”, no matter how ill-fitting for the neighborhood. In this article from Curbed Los Angeles, Moss explains his use of “a cunning technique of reverse psychology”:

This is of particular interest as the developers reveal in the loan committee report (withheld from the public and Council) that the architect doesn’t have the experience to qualify for the LA County Development Authority funding geared specifically towards funding homeless housing:

This leaves us wondering yet again- what backroom deals were made to select this unqualified architect over one of Venice’s many, talented own?

Meanwhile, Tom Saffron’s “Thatcher Yard” project proposed around the same time, just a mile away from the Venice Dell Site, is almost ready for a ribbon cutting. It’s a prime example of how positive neighborhood engagement works, while the opposite is true with this mess created by Venice Community Housing and an architect who disregarded community input.

And seven years later, we are still dealing with this mess.

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With Appreciation,
The Team at Safe Coastal Development