Update- Great News!

Jul 18, 2023

It’s working!

Your continued support along with our determination to unveil the truth about the Venice Dell Project, enabled us to file a very strong opening brief to the lawsuit. We had 50 pages to spell out all the causes of action, which covered everything, from lack of environmental review (CEQA), to Native American consultation rights, to due process, to violation of coastal regulations, and much more (see “Opening Brief for CEQA Lawsuit” in Doc library).

The City and Developer, scheduled to file their opposing briefs by July 10, 2023, instead asked for more time, and an extension of the trial date. This extension also gives the Court time to decide our motions to halt ongoing efforts of the City to stonewall production of all evidence the law requires to try the case.

We’ve seen a lot in the 379,242-page evidentiary record which has only strengthened our resolve to learn what else the City is hiding.

Why was the most complicated site on the historic canals at the gateway to Venice Beach chosen for the most complicated mixed-use affordable housing project imaginable?

Why did the City lease away for nothing ($1 per year for 99 years) our last, precious open space in Venice to a Hollywood Developer? (Venice Community Housing Corp. can only do this with the partnership of Hollywood Community Housing Corp.). How were these developers chosen? Lots of questions remain to be answered.

This means more legal time, with more bills to pay, but in the ultimate battle that will shape our community for the next 100 years, we think it’s well worth the cost.

Again, funding the lawsuit is the only way to stop this monstrous project.

Your help is needed to hold the City accountable – are you with us Venice?