Update- Another Delay!

Jan 25, 2024

We want to let everyone know our first court date challenging the Venice Dell Project has been pushed by Judge Fruin to next week, Thursday, February 1st. We’ve gotten pretty good at rolling with it and are using the extra time wisely.

Perhaps in light of this week’s intense flooding in San Diego, city officials will also use the extra time wisely and maybe open their eyes to this massive mistake of a project and consider that using taxpayer funds to put the most at risk people in harm’s way in the face of accelerating sea level rise is not the best idea? Seriously, what could go wrong?

All these delays also give our wonderful supporters the opportunity to keep sharing the Coalition’s info so we can keep educating the community regarding this disaster of a project and gain more support as we continue our legal battle to protect our small beach community.

This picture was shared by a neighbor living two blocks from the proposed site during our recent storm, showing the street completely flooded:

What sea level/ground water rise looks like in a flood zone.

To build in a FEMA designated flood zone, a block from the beach on the Venice Canals and without environmental review is sheer negligence!

Please continue to share and tell anyone who should be interested to sign up for emails at our website to keep updated. We can’t do this without you!

With appreciation,
The Team at Safe Coastal Development

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