Thank you Traci-

Nov 7, 2022

With election day finally here, all of us at Safe Coastal Development want to take this opportunity to publicly thank our friend, our neighbor and hopefully our next Coun-cilperson Traci Park, for stepping up for us when our elected Councilman would not.

From speaking out openly against the extremely flawed Venice Median Project (long before the Coastal Commission raised it’s innumerable issues) to being there with a grieving community after yet another fire destroyed three homes in the canals, just steps from the current encampment at the project site, you have been there for us.

You’ve shown the intellect, grace and empathy throughout this often ugly process to make us all better people as we watch you lead by example.

Whatever the future holds, we are all better people for having known you. What a pleasure to support you as you stand up for the community we love.

Thank you Traci- you remain a friend to us in or out of this election process. We are so very grateful for you taking on this daunting task on our behalf.

With love and admiration-
The Team at Safe Coastal Development