Nov 15, 2023

Thanks to the great show of support from those who attended events in the neighborhood and continue to donate to fund our legal team, we couldn’t do this without you!

You’ve shared our concern about documents being withheld that the City is calling “privileged” and the judge has now agreed to review them. Accordingly, the court date has been pushed to allow this to happen and we’re on hold until it does. We’ll keep you posted!


Coastal Commission has received a response from the developers to the 4th Notice of Incomplete Application.

The developers wrote in their response: “Based on discussions with City staff, it is our understanding that the City will be providing evidence of its agreement with the public parking plan and will confirm the feasibility of providing at least 196 public parking spaces on the Project site…”

As parking continues to be the focus, we’ll need everyone onboard to respond with letter writing and comments at an anticipated Council hearing to approve the new parking structure.

We’ll be sharing that info as we get it.

Quick review on why the parking is such a problem:  Affordable Housing is affordable partly because of lower requirements for parking. This inappropriate site not only called for new parking for the housing project, but replacement of 196 beach parking spots that are to be demolished by the project.

This is what the east site with the proposed replacement public parking garage would look like:

And this is only half the project, to the east of Grand Canal.

Mechanical lift, tandem/valet parking wrapped with tiny housing units, blocking access to the beach and cutting off the Historic Short Line Bridge over the Venice Canals from pedestrian, bike and auto traffic – – the very bridge Abbott Kinney used to welcome all to his “Venice of America” project. This is not okay!

Spread the word and stay tuned- we’ll be sharing more as we learn more!

With appreciation-
The Team at Safe Coastal Development

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