Our Case Just Keeps Getting Stronger…

Mar 4, 2024

Friday is our final day in court with Judge Fruin, and are we ever ready for it!

New state legislation, AB 785, has come into play and we’re all over it! The law was put forward by our Mayor to correct the rushed and flawed AB 1197, which the City attempted to use to take away our right to environmental review (CEQA) for this massive project.

AB 785 resolves some of the very concerns we’ve been arguing. For one, the exemption from environmental review doesn’t apply in an area designated as a special flood hazard zone, as defined. Thanks to ex-councilman Mike Bonin’s reckless selection of this sensitive coastal site for the project, 38 of the 40 lots on the 3 acre parcel are in a prohibited FEMA mapped flood zone- this is a real problem.

We’ll be arguing the new law applies to our case and makes it even stronger on Friday when we go before the judge for this CEQA part of the lawsuit.

We’ve invested much legal time and expense briefing this new law, which has put us in a great position to claim the justice we deserve. This new door has opened for us and we couldn’t be more excited to blast through it- the law is on our side!

Please share our excitement with everyone possible and encourage all to dig deep and donate towards paying our lawyers! We’re almost at the end of this ordeal and very much need your help with our legal fees to take this across the finish line!

And please encourage friends and neighbors to sign up for emails on our website. While there, check out the “Missed a Coalition Blast?” link to catch up on how far we’ve come!

We’re almost there Venice- let’s do this!

With Appreciation,
The Team at Safe Coastal Development