Once again- not so fast!

Jan 15, 2024

The developers of the Venice Median Project started the New Year thinking they could bolster their lawsuit by applying new legislation effective January 1st, expediting “affordable housing”.

We had already completed our briefing for the CEQA case, expecting to go to trial this week using current applicable law AB1197, but the developers think it will benefit them to rely on a new State law pushed through by the Mayor at the end of the year, Assembly Bill 785.

In just a couple of pages, the developers’ legal team tried to slip this new law by the judge claiming it applies retroactively to the project. But it’s not that simple, and we went back to the judge requesting an opportunity to provide additional needed briefing.

The judge agreed with us and we’re happy to report, we have been granted supplemental briefing to support our case and an adjusted trial schedule.

The trial will be split into two dates to accommodate the complexity of our causes of action. The first day on January 26th, with our CEQA action being heard on March 8th.

We’re pleased with this outcome. The new trial schedule gives us a fair opportunity to prepare and present our arguments and we’ll make good use of the additional time. We believe the new law when applied correctly supports our cause of maintaining “safe coastal development”.

Of course, you know the drill- more court visits means more legal fees, money we believe is well spent to protect our unique Coastal Community from this misbegotten developer land grab.

It’s unfortunate it takes continued legal action to keep these developers in check, which requires continued funding. Thank you to all who continue to support our efforts.

Please keep sharing with those who have yet to donate! And as always, we’re here to answer questions or provide additional information.

With appreciation-
The Team at Safe Coastal Development

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