Mystery of the 252 – What are they Hiding?

Sep 27, 2023

252 emails are now being called “privileged” by the City and Developers. They really don’t want us to see them and we really wonder why. These are documents that may help our case and we don’t believe they can legally be withheld.

Of particular interest, the original requests for proposal communications showing how “Venice Community Housing Corp.” scored this deal when its largest project had been only 20 units and it was clear from the outset, Hollywood Community Housing was running the show.

We didn’t know how far this went until finding this organizational chart in a response to ownership questions requested by Coastal Commission. The “Current (Pre-syndication) Org chart” submitted by the developers shows Hollywood has formed a new LLC and currently holds 99.99% ownership, while Venice Community Housing owns just a mere .005%.

And now, Hollywood has the audacity to list the project on its website (under coming projects) with a new name – wait for it…


Our Venice – their Village, how could they? Is it theirs to name now?

Please help us expose the deception!

In honor of the 252 mystery emails, can you please donate $252.00 to the lawsuit (and feel free to move the decimal to any amount that’s comfortable for you).

Every one of these legal actions takes additional funding and we need your help to fight this land grab.