It’s game time — we’re going to court!

Oct 18, 2023

If you’ve been paying attention to the Venice Median Project (or is it “Venice Village” as we saw on Hollywood Community Housing’s website- so perhaps more accurately, “Hollywood’s Venice Village”?) you understand the impact this development would have on our future, as the largest project in the last 100 years to be built in Venice.  We’re at an extremely critical juncture now and very much need your support.

We are scheduled to be in front of Judge Fruin in LA Superior Court on October 25th. We are confident that at best we will get a ruling in our favor on the issues of an unlawful exemption from CEQA, violation of the Mello Act, Spot Zoning, violation of Native American Rights, and violation of the Subdivision Map Act. At worst, we are setting up a strong case for appeal, that any superior court judge should be embarrassed for the appellate court to review.

We continue to go after the City for withholding emails, all of which takes funding prior to the court date. We are still arguing the fate of the emails the city refuses to show us having incurred delayed court dates. A ruling not in our favor will result in the need for more immediate legal action.

Thank you to those who have already contributed, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Those who haven’t, we ask you to consider donating at this crucial time when it’s necessary to follow through on every possible level and lay a firm groundwork for appeal if that is necessary.

We have come so far and are so close to putting the brakes on this travesty that has eaten up our time and money and would forever impact our small beach community.

Check out our latest briefs just submitted (one for the City, one for the developers— they refused to join together, making us do twice the work) to understand our commitment and our confidence in getting this done.

We can only fight this with your continued financial support.
Please, reach out to your neighbors, friends and all concerned to share this information. We need you Venice, now more than ever!

If you are interested in attending an in-person event this Sunday, October 22nd, 4-6PM please contact us for an invite with more information at

With appreciation-
The Team at Safe Coastal Development

PS. Our website now takes easy credit card donations, please test it out!