Comments needed to support Traci’s motion

Jan 30, 2023

Quick request to support our Councilwoman in her support of our community:

Please provide a comment to City Council File # 23-4118-S1 regarding LAMC 41.18. Councilwoman Traci Park’s Resolution (included below) specifies public spaces close to schools, parks and libraries along with areas to be kept clear for ADA access, to uphold enforcement prohibiting tents or encampments in these sensitive areas.

This is particularly relevant as the Venice Median Project (now the Pacific Dell Project) would use the Linnie Canal Children’s Park as additional recreational space. Linnie Canal Park already has its share of “unhoused visitors” and should be protected by enforcement of 41.18, along with our local library, our Boardwalk and the other areas proposed.

Please support our Councilwoman on the motion and take a few minutes to comment in the Council File at this link, before 2/8/21:


Sample text:

Re: Council File # 23-4118-S1
Motion 41.18

I strongly support this motion and the enforcement of 41.18 in the areas of CD11 designated by Councilwoman Traci Park. The locations Councilwoman Park identifies are known, sensitive areas of concern in our community. Safety around schools and parks along with accessibility  for ADA areas should always be a priority.

As part of the Venice Community, our safety and that of our children and residents should not be sacrificed to accommodate the unhoused in tents and encampments in what should be shared and regulated public space. This is a common sense solution which works in accordance with the Mayor’s “inside safe” program.

Councilwoman Park has invested much time and research to determine which areas present an ongoing threat that should be addressed and has presented them in this motion which I encourage City Council to approve.

Thank you-


With Appreciation-
The Team at Safe Coastal Development